04.06.2013 by Yusha Wiesinger

I like to introduce you with 7 bright kids from Dharamsala. They can visit a great school which allow them to learn English, Maths, and many more subjects because of the support of 7 sponsors. They are very happy for that chance and they say thank you with a smile. This project is dedicated to the Indian single mothers in need.

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Kali Ma Foundation in Dolalghat/Nepal in Mai 2013

31.05.2013 by Kali Ma

Our „Kali's Shining Light“ Pre School runs now in the second year.

Last year we started and said: „Let us see one year how the feedback would be“.

Than this year In January, we got the first ask and it was clear, to establish our Pre School. Now we have 18 children and 3 Teachers. One Teacher has done The Path into Light and the others are Alpha Chi Consultants. Equal from which cast the children are, learning playful together 5 days in a week a´4 hours reading, writing and counting.

The cost for the teaching materials, the daily food and the monthly fee for our teachers and staff we are paying from the donations. Children are in sorrounding and with contact to the haven and the unconditional love. We support them to express their love on earth as a heavenly messengers of light.


Kali Ma & Team

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Female power - RASTA, a vision

06.04.2013 by Kali Ma

Omana, 54 shines, when she speaks of her vision to improve the situation of women and the poorest of the poor in rural Wayanad district of Kerala / South India, which drives this little powerwoman for 30 years.

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Our New Project

15.07.2012 by Ainschy Willmes

Our Pre – School is running for a month with 4 children – age above 3.

We run it 5 days in a week and 4 hours/day. Together playful learning, drawing, building toys and singing. A day lunch with teachers and then a sleep.

Indivudual care and progress of each soul, which can grow and develope well in sorrounding of love and peace.

We had always looked to start this project and now it has come true.......

It is so important that the children don't get separated with their light-connection.

We have arranged 2 teachers for now, one has done already ''Alpha Chi Consultant'' and another has done ''The Path into Light''.

For all of us a wonderful condition.

The donation, which we received for Pre-School, we have used for playing-material, sleeping-mat, kitchen-utensils and so on.

There is a woman, who is taking care of her children and family alone, she has got the cooking job for our sweet children.

….............and being true to you, we feel our next project is already on the way to us........

See you there!

Wondulful time to all of you and many greetings from Nepal

Kali Ma and Team

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The first joint meeting with the sponsored children

15.06.2012 by Yusha Wiesinger

On the second Sunday in June, we met with the four sponsored girls and their mothers near Dharamsala in a park. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and we met for a picnic. Everyone has cooked and then we shared our dishes. It was the beginning of an intimate mood, and after eating, the mothers exchanged phone numbers, because they had not known each other. Single mothers told their experiences and it was nice to see how they opened one by one.

Thank you dear sponsors that you have created this opportunity for the girls and their mothers.

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The first four sponsorships in Dharamsala

24.04.2012 by Yusha Wiesinger

Since 9th of April four girls between the ages of 4 and 10 years have gotten the chance to pursue a proper education. The girls go to four different elementary schools because they come from different villages around Dharamsala. They are daughters of single mothers and all four are happy about this opportunity to visit these schools. In the picture below, you can see Shreya with her mother on her first day of school.

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Thank you from Vietnam

24.04.2012 by Kali Ma

In December, the World Love Generation had a fundraiser called ‘Give joy for Christmas’ for three projects for children in India, Nepal and Vietnam called. We would like to thank everyone who participated and donated money for these three causes.

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The first sponsored child

01.03.2012 by Yusha Wiesinger

I would like to introduce you to the first sponsored child from Dharamsala. This is Shreya, together with her mother Bandna. She has been 4 years old in January and she will visit the St. Mary's School near Dharamsala from 9 April.

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New Year beginning 2012

11.01.2012 by Kali Ma

We, the Kali Ma Foundation wishes all big and small children, a wonderful new year 2012. Good luck, joy and a whole lot of loving encounters.
We have started the new year with a new project that can grow our work here on site, in Dolalghat again. A seed has been set for many others who wish to follow.

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The pre-school project in Dolalghat / Nepal

13.12.2011 by Kali Ma

We are going to start with a new project in spring 2012 in Dolalghat. We are going to set up a pre-school class to give children an opportunity for joyful learning, individual promotion and a loving flow with one another. Children will receive support in their individual and soul development. We wish to give children who cannot go to school for different reasons the chance to learn reading and writing. Our pre-school project is free of charge for all children. Studying materials, toys, breakfast and the teacher salary will be financed with your donations.

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The after-school project in Dharamsala / India

13.12.2011 by Yusha Wiesinger

We have started with after school support in two small villages near Dharamsala for children who cannot receive support from their parents. For this, we need to finance two teachers, rent for the room and study materials. With this project, 44 children between 5 and 15 years receive great support!

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Give joy for Christmas

08.12.2011 by Shalimar Krautscheid

Christmas at the World Love Generation

The World Love Generation is currently asking for donations for:

The pre-school project in Dolalghat / Nepal

The after-school project in Dharamsala / India

The Hoa Mai Orphanage in Da Nang, Vietnam

This is our way of helping those people in this world who rely on support. Our goal is to support these three projects until Christmas. We are grateful for anyone helping s to achieve this goal.

Foto: Flickr

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New Sponsorships

03.10.2011 by Kali Ma

A group of doctors and nurses from Australia have joined together and taken on two sponsorships. What a wonderful idea of togetherness.

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16.09.2011 by Kali Ma

Kali Ma back in NEPAL

Some time has passed and I am now back from my summer trip. During the Light Festival in August in Amritabha, the World Love Generation was present with a lovely stall. Yusha from India and Shalimar from Vietnam introduced their projects and they gave an introduction about their work in Asia. You will be able to read more about Shalimar in the following days under projects. Many people were interested in our network and we could build new connections. Our beautiful World Love Generation T-Shirts were a success!

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New Home

15.09.2011 by Yusha Wiesinger

Dear All, I am now back in India at my powerplace in Dharamsala. On the 9th of August, I arrived with 33 kg of luggage in Delhi and have started more adventures in my book of life.

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Yusha on Tour

27.08.2011 by Yusha Wiesinger

After having spent seven weeks in Nepal I went back to Austria, Germany and France to visit friends and family. A big Thank you to all of them for the wonderful time together. 

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Horray, we are online!

08.05.2011 by Nohila Driever

I am very excited that the World Love Generation is now online. A big thank you to all of you who were part of realising this project, and a big thank you to all friends and members for their ongoing support and love.

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An extract from Kali Ma’s life

07.05.2011 by Kali Ma

When I met my beloved teacher Agni, I felt in my heart that I had arrived. I realised that all the things that I was aware of when I was a child, and was told off for being childish, were in fact reality: That every being on Earth has its place and that the truth is ‚God is Love’.

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The Joy of being a woman

04.05.2011 by Yusha Wiesinger

My name is Yusha and I spent 7 wonderful weeks in the Kali Ashram. One of my tasks here was to support the children as an English tutor. As the children had holidays at that time, we offered painting, drawing and English lessons in the afternoons.

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Dharamsala school project

04.04.2011 by Yusha Wiesinger

Dharamsala in its origin is a place of deep inner peace. It is a place that is influenced by the presence of different cultures and religions. Indians, Tibetans and Europeans live here.

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