Female power - RASTA, a vision

by Kali Ma | 06.04.2013

Omana, 54 shines, when she speaks of her vision to improve the situation of women and the poorest of the poor in rural Wayanad district of Kerala / South India, which drives this little powerwoman for 30 years.

She was born in Kerala into a farmer family. Growing up as the youngest child of eight siblings. Omana knows about the situation of single parents women and mothers.

At 18, she decided to leave her orthodox family and put her future into her own hands. She studied and worked in institutions like the Social Welfare and Reach Center in India. After eight years of teaching women, she returned to Kerala, back into one of the poorest districts of India.
Omana began to realize her vision and founded the organisation RASTA.

In addition to traditional environmental issues, equal rights in a country ruled by men, educate and mobilize for violence against women and the training of leadership development for women were a big matter in her heart.

Her schedule was full. A lot of people came to her for advices and help. At the same time the state funding was reduced, probably also because it gave a voice to the poor and women. Then difficult questions for the officals arose from the women.
Widow Empowering - one cow for lives insures

In this agricultural area in Kerala the main problem is the extremely high suicide rate of young husbands.
Following crop failures due to climate change, many fathers often don't see the chance to pay off the bank loans and the only way out for them is suicide.
Left alone in the past three years were 130 widows and their children.
Without income and opportunities to sustain themselves on their own.

And there comes Omana with her new project. "Empowering Widow" - one cow for every widow. Omana explains:
"The cow is the bank of the poor".

A dairy cow secures by selling an average of ten liters of milk per day with ¬ 2.80. Livelihood of a widow with three children In India, it is not common to marry a second time.
Most of the widows are inevitably doomed without much care to live under the poverty line.

A dairy cow costs Rs 20,000 approximately 280 euros.

If we support Omana we will help her to realise the vision of love, freedom and equality for all people of the world.

This is a wonderful expression of love in action.

Those who wish to donate a cow, can transfer at the below mentioned bank.
Account number 10738265273 for Donation
Bank Name: State Bank Of India
Branch: Kainatty branch
IFC Code: SBIN0003035
A Cow for Kerala
Here are more details: www.rastaindia.org
Personal contact of Omana:

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