Kali Ma Foundation in Dolalghat/Nepal in Mai 2013

by Kali Ma | 31.05.2013

Shining Light - Pre-school

Our „Kali's Shining Light“ Pre School runs now in the second year.

Last year we started and said: „Let us see one year how the feedback would be“.

Than this year In January, we got the first ask and it was clear, to establish our Pre School. Now we have 18 children and 3 Teachers. One Teacher has done The Path into Light and the others are Alpha Chi Consultants. Equal from which cast the children are, learning playful together 5 days in a week a´4 hours reading, writing and counting.

The cost for the teaching materials, the daily food and the monthly fee for our teachers and staff we are paying from the donations. Children are in sorrounding and with contact to the haven and the unconditional love. We support them to express their love on earth as a heavenly messengers of light.


Kali Ma & Team

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