Happy People

Happy people inspire one another and contribute to a common flow of love, which enhances the unity and harmony of human kind and world peace. The World Love Generation encourages people worldwide in their holistic and individual development and supports them according to their needs for body, mind and soul. body, mind und soul.


Kali Ma loves what she lives.

Kali Ma, who came from Germany, has found a new home in Nepal. Since 2001 she has been living and working in Dolalghat (about 2 hours from the capital of Kathmandu), where she founded the Kali Ashram.
In 2002 Kali Ma provided the first sponsorships.
Two years later she created the Kali Ma Foundation Nepal, Inc.

Ambassador for the World Love Generation

Team from World Love Generation


The World Love Generation has many friends, individuals and companies, each and everyone supporting us in their own way. We’d like to express our deep gratitude for your ongoing support!

The Fashion Label Mayer from Berlin designed our T-Shirts.

Amritabha sponsored our stall at the Light Festival in August 2011.