Our own soul development leads to awareness about our own soul quality.

This is how we accompany others individually on their path.

Whether it’s parents-children consultations, meditation or spiritual guidance. Each of our partners offers their own activities.


Meditation – being in unity and peace with yourself and your environment. Finding your centre and alignment through silence, in communication with your true self. Each of our partners is offering meditation classes and classes to further spiritual development.

Parents – Children - Support

Eltern Kind Begleitung

„You don’t recognise a nation by looking at its politicians; look at the mothers, look into their eyes, into their hearts. They are the true wealth of a society.“

The nucleus of a peaceful society is its children. The key for a peaceful childhood development is in the parents’ hands.

Each child is a complete soul from the beginning of pregnancy. Its parents and companions can help the child to unfold its full potential here on Earth.

They can both grow and learn from each other. What we can learn from our parents is familiar, is known. But what we can learn from the children is new and often unfamiliar.We can open the door for them; that they may heal the world with all the gifts they bring.

One of the biggest challenges for adults is seeing their children as complete and autonomous beings. Encountering them with respect, understanding and recognition of their divine being. Quite often we confuse love with attachment that seems like a tying bond. It hinders the free development of the child’s soul. If the parents’ trust is strong enough, they can let go of the child and support it on its path through unconditional love.

Children are heavenly beings who have their own purpose. As parents and companions we can help them to realise their gifts and tasks by asking questions that encourage and inspire them to bring their soul heaven to Earth.

You can find more information about Parents Children Support at SitaMa Zentrum.

Lernen & Schulen

Agni über Lernen und Schulen der Zukunft