Sponsors and sponsored children

On this page you find feedback from sponsors that share their experience about sponsoring a child through the Kali Ma Foundation. It is the loving care and support for each individual soul on its path that leads to a self-responsible life. A sponsorship is more than just a monthly payment. A big Thank you to all sponsors who make this possible!

For us, the World Love Generation speaks from our heart.

We are very grateful and glad that we could choose our education and training and that we didn’t suffer from any kind of hardship in our life. This is why we felt the need to support children in countries where they don’t have such opportunities. Whilst searching for a suitable organisation that sponsors children we came across the Kali Ma Foundation. The aspect of trust was very important for us. We personally know Kali Ma and know that the main motivation for her work is love and compassion. That is why we decided to sponsor 4 children through her organisation. Up until today, we are very happy and satisfied with the choice of children and the work the organisation is doing. The organisation offers a broad variety of development aid that allows the people to get involved socially. Our heartfelt thanks to Kali Ma and her team!

Dr. K.Shasma & Axel Karch

I feel deep trust for Kali Ma and her Foundation as I know that the money arrives where it is needed. And there is so much more that cannot be paid with money... The incredible love and devotion for the children that is lived by Kali Ma and her team every day. My heart is full of joy when I hold the picture of my sponsored child in my hands :) I can see how he is progressing on ALL levels (thanks to great support) and that he is doing well :) A big thank you to Kali Ma and her hardworking helpers ♥ ♥ ♥

Love *Crosis**

Sponsoring a child for the Kali Ma Foundation is something really special for me. The beautiful pictures and warm reports about the wellbeing of my sponsored child let me be a part of its development. The annual sponsor meetings offer the room to share and I always feel welcome to come to Dolalghat and to meet my sponsored child in person and to learn more about the Foundation’s activities. Namaste!


I’ve known about Kali Ma and her wonderful work in Nepal for about 10 years.
When I visited her 6 years ago in her ashram, I could see with how much devotion and love she is committed to the people and with how much energy and enthusiasm she runs the Kali Ma Foundation. I have been a member of the Kali Ma Foundation for 5 years and it is amazing what has been achieved through the help of sponsors. Every child is chosen by Kali Ma herself and contact is established to visitors of the ashram.

Kalu Schreiber

I am now living in Kaliningrad. I am thrilled about the idea of the World Love Generation and am very excited about the new opportunities that will be laid out for many people!